Online Learning Orientation Tool

Online Learning Orientation Tool

Prepare for online learning with the Online Learning Orientation Tool. OLOT supports educators, mentors, parents, and students in understanding what online learning entails and introduces the skills and knowledge that are key to success.

How it works

OLOT is a self-paced learning tool that is available for free to educators, mentors, parents and students. OLOT can help students navigate what will be expected when participating in an online course and their level of preparedness. OLOT will be more effective if students have someone they are accountable to for the results and someone – their mentor, parent, or guardian for example – directing and supporting their efforts. Michigan Virtual has created a guide to help students get the most out of their OLOT experience.

Content is divided into four modules and covers a broad array of topics including:

  • the nature of online coursework
  • the technical skills needed for online course participation
  • the influence of learning skills, interest, and motivation on online course performance
  • basic organization and workflow tips for students

Begin OLOT for free today!

Each module is comprised of a varying number of individual units. All units include a short post-quiz and the ability to print a certificate of completion upon passing. Students can navigate OLOT freely, picking up where they left off or repeating components as they need.

Note: Individual student progress is not saved. Each time a user opens OLOT, a new session is begun.