Policies make perfect

In order to receive SCECHs for courses completed through Michigan Virtual’s Professional Learning Portal, learners must abide by all policies stated below:

  • Users must supply their PIC (Personal Identification Code) in their PLP account. PICs can be located from the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS)
  • Users’ first and last name must be the same in their PLP account and MOECS account
  • 100 percent attendance (required by MDE for SCECH courses)
  • Users must complete, at a minimum, the estimated hours for the course. One SCECH is equivalent to one hour of coursework. For example, 24 SCECHs = 24-hour minimum and 36 SCECHs = 36-hour minimum
  • Users must complete their own work. Michigan Virtual has a zero-tolerance policy toward plagiarism
  • SCECH credits are uploaded to MOECS weekly. Please allow up to 10 days from the end date of your course to receive the email notification that your SCECH credits have been uploaded to MOECS and an evaluation is available for you to take in MOECS. (Evaluation notices are system-generated from [email protected])
  • Users must complete the MDE online evaluation in MOECS within 30 days of email notification. After completing the required online evaluation in MOECS, the SCECHs are awarded to your MOECS account.

Step up your SCECH game

Whether you’re looking to renew a teaching certificate or take a professional development course, the Professional Learning Portal offers the easiest solution to access this content at your convenience.

Accessing the portal is free to members of the educational community in Michigan. There are a variety of free or low-cost courses available for SCECHs, as well as other fee-based courses from a variety of local, state and national providers.

The portal will give you access to courses that meet SCECH requirements in:

  • Assessment & Data Analysis
  • Blended Learning
  • Classroom Computing
  • Classroom Management
  • Common Core
  • Culture & Diversity
  • Languages
  • Leadership Development
  • Mathematics
  • Microsoft for Classrooms
  • Reading & Writing
  • Science

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