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Professional Learning Experiences

Our professional learning experiences are focused on the needs of each educator, helping them reach students with effective use of technology resources. Microsoft Education products can empower all educators with sophisticated tools to transform learning.

MIE Teacher Academies

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Teacher Academy is an opportunity to learn more about Microsoft’s tools and resources that increase effective use of technology in your classroom. In this professional learning experience, learn how to maximize your use of Windows and take a deep dive into the new Microsoft Classroom in Office 365 for Education.

You will get the opportunity to explore many tools, including ones that provide your students with learning experiences beyond the four walls of your classroom. At the end of the course, you will be a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, have a wealth of resources to use in your classroom and be connected with a network of educators utilizing Microsoft in the Classroom.

Coming in Fall 2017

Microsoft Education Online Courses for Teachers

There are many ways to start to explore the world of tools that Microsoft provides to teachers. Many of these resources are free for all teachers. Our suite of online courses range from three hours to seven hours each and aim to provide you with an awareness of what Microsoft products may work for you and your classroom. Each course provides you with a code to receive credit from the Microsoft Community for your learning.

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MIE OneNote Teacher Academy

This academy is designed to help teachers develop the basic skills needed to use OneNote as a productivity and collaborative tool for both themselves and their students. Interactive lessons will be created using the tools in OneNote which will then immediately transfer to classroom practice.

Teachers will experience and discover how professional learning communities can be more productive when using OneNote to drive content delivery and creation. Teachers will receive a badge and credential from the Microsoft Community after completing this session.

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Powering Up Learning with Microsoft Education

These Powering Up sessions are customized for you and your colleagues as you work with your Microsoft products to meet the needs of your students. Our experienced coaches will discuss with you what are the areas of high need for your teachers and then will develop and deliver professional learning sessions that fit your staff. These sessions can be anywhere from a one-hour after-school session, to a multi-day workshop. You can expect an engaging professional learning experience focused on teaching and learning strategies and how technology can come along as the partner to help us reach our goals.

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