Teacher Boost

Helping teachers replace traditional top-down, teacher-led instruction with more student-centered learning.

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Why is this important?

In student-centered environments, teachers have more time to meet individual needs. Students are more engaged and motivated because they are driving their own learning, with the encouragement of great coaching and mentoring. Their academic and non-cognitive skills improve, and they’re better equipped for the complicated world.

At these events, you will:

  • Motivate student engagement through encouragement and great coaching and mentoring.
  • Gain understanding around how to nurture agency and release control, as well as how to become a better one-on-one coach by giving feedback and building relationships of trust.
  • Experience new ways to re-envision your role as an educator
  • Apply seven moves to build happier, more productive classrooms.
  • Learn successful methods for freeing up place, time, and pace to personalize learning
  • Leave with a plan for improving the learning design in your own classroom.

Why Should You Attend?

Listen to Emily share why you should join her team for Teacher Boost in just 30 seconds!

Event Dates & Locations

Attend this online event (comprised of two half-day sessions) and obtain first-hand experience with personalized learning, and walk away with 6 SCECHs and a ready-to-deliver lesson or structure for a blended or personalized classroom.

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