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Because educators deserve credit for their informal learning efforts.

What is MyPD?

What if you could take all the time that you spend informally researching educational strategies (e.g., reading blogs and articles, watching YouTube videos or participating in Twitter chats) and formally honor this time commitment with SCECHs? Now you can! MyPD is a vehicle to formally honor educators’ informal learning efforts. In this course, you will define your problems of practice, create a plan to address them and receive valuable feedback from our professional learning coaches.

Here's why you deserve credit for your informal learning:

A rule of thumb in the world of professional learning and development is the 70-20-10 rule. It goes something like this:

  • 70% of your learning comes from on-the-job experience
  • 20% of your learning comes from your relationships with others
  • 10% of your learning comes from formal training courses

A significant part of our learning happens outside of the umbrella of what we formally consider “professional development.”

That’s why we believe you deserve to earn SCECHs for your informal learning efforts.

Earn 10 SCECHs for $30

Forge Your Own Path, Tell Your Own Story

Through this SCECH-bearing experience, educators will engage in a process to tell the story of their independent learning journey by:

  • Tying a specific learning objective to evidence of informal learning pursuits
  • Reflecting on learning from those pursuits
  • Developing an action plan based on the professional implications that have emerged
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A Model of Adult Learning Theory

A true model of adult learning theory, this learning experience:

  • Offers maximum autonomy with supportive guidance
  • Seeks to validate the experience of today’s educators
  • Creates a holding space for educators to focus on a problem relevant to their own context

Ready to take control of your professional learning journey?

If you want more autonomy and agency in your professional learning journey, sign up for our MyPD course today and start designing learning objectives relevant to your problems of practice.

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