Singapore Math: Number Sense and Computational Strategies

This course focuses on the renowned Singapore Math approach, providing educators with valuable insights into effective teaching strategies for developing number sense and computational skills. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Singapore Math methodology, learn practical techniques for fostering mathematical thinking, and discover strategies to enhance problem-solving abilities. Understanding the principles and techniques of Singapore Math is highly beneficial for educators and anyone seeking to improve mathematical proficiency and critical thinking skills in students.

In this course, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and philosophy underlying the Singapore Math approach, which emphasizes conceptual understanding, problem-solving skills, and building strong number sense.
  • Learn effective instructional strategies and techniques to develop students’ number sense and computational skills.
  • Gain insights into creating a problem-solving culture in the classroom and fostering students’ confidence and perseverance in tackling mathematical challenges.
  • SCECHs Granted


    Who should take this course?

    Support Staff

    What grade level(s) does this course apply to?

    Early Childhood
    High School
    Lower Elementary
    Middle School
    Upper Elementary

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