PSY 230: Psychology of Effective Leadership & Supervision

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COURSE RATIONALE: This course is used to satisfy a requirement for the associate’s degree in Business, Business Management, and Criminal Justice, this course may also be used to satisfy a requirement for some transfer programs in Psychology at four-year colleges, and is a requirement for some transfer programs in Business management at four-year colleges. It prepares students by providing a solid foundation in the core psychological principles needed in most leadership and business positions. CATALOG DESCRIPTION: PSY 230: The majority of this course will focus on a sub-area of Organizational Psychology and focuses on performance management and improvement techniques that are based on the principles of behavioral psychology. Environmental change strategies are emphasized. While the course focuses on behavioral applications in the work environment, other theoretical orientations are surveyed. Topics include employee motivation, identifying performance targets worthy of change, developing measurement systems and tracking performance, behavior and performance analyses, behavior change strategies, evaluation of organizational impact, the effects of compensation practices on employee behavior, and leadership.

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