Online Teacher’s Guide: Announcements

Picture this: the same question keeps coming up from students on an assignment; in a face-to-face classroom you could easily address the issue for the entire class with a quick explanation. But as an online instructor, it is more challenging to relay information to your whole class or to simply put a face to your daily lessons. In this course, you will explore methods that can help achieve your goals to inform, engage, and connect with your class through course announcements. You will identify best practices in announcement design and utilize technology tools in order to support these efforts.

In this course, you will:

  • Recognize elements of effective course announcements that are used to enhance student success,
  • Identify current best practices associated with effective online course announcements,
  • Create announcements that allow accessibility and readability for all your students, and
  • Help your students get to know you better by finding creative ways to add personal details, photos, or videos to your announcements.

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