MEMSPA: Leadership & Literacy Part 2 – Resources and Alignment

After creating a Literacy Action Plan for your school, you will need tangible resources to implement the steps and see the results. In this course, you will gather resources and align your Literacy Action Plan with school improvement and best practices, including Essential School-Wide and Center-Wide Literacy Practices. You will submit a collection of both professional development material and material resources that will enable the implementation of your previously created action plan. This is the second of three micro-credentials on your pathway to the digital Leadership & Literacy badge.

In this course, you will:

  • Explore resources to help design professional learning experiences that support school improvement,
  • Collect professional development material that will enable implementation of your Literacy Action Plan,
  • Correlate your resources with known best practices and your School Improvement Plan, and
  • Provide the evidence to earn your “Leadership & Literacy Part 2 – Resources & Alignment” micro-credential.

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Leadership & Literacy Part 2 - Resources & Alignment

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