MAC: Using Assessment Data Well

The product of assessments and how schools and institutions use that data is just as important as choosing the right assessments in the first place. This foundational course provides a set of beliefs or guidelines for consideration that drive quality assessment systems as they relate to the Assessment Literacy Standards. You will become familiar with eight considerations for building a data culture, and how to strategically determine what data to collect for what uses, and how to best communicate data results to the appropriate users.

In this course, you will:

  • Recognize how guidelines or beliefs that a system of assessment data usage is built on must support all learners,
  • Describe the components, processes, and systems that contribute to a strong data culture,
  • Understand how to use data appropriately at all levels to improve student learning and strengthen educational systems, and
  • Use video demonstrations to clarify concepts surrounding assessment data usage.

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Early Childhood
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