MAC: Understanding the Formative Assessment Process

It is important for teachers and educators to use formative assessment as a way to track on-going progress and help students become self-directed learners. This practical course describes how educators use formative assessment strategies within the instructional cycle and the Assessment Literacy Standards that serve as core guidelines. You will be able to explain the five components of formative assessment, how to use the formative assessment process effectively, the importance of timely, specific feedback, and how professional learning and administrative support enhances the learning process.

In this course, you will:

  • Define formative assessments,
  • Identify the different types of assessments that are for learning versus of learning,
  • Discover the guiding questions that will help you include formative assessment into your instructional cycle,
  • Explore articles and videos that will clarify concepts and demonstrate examples of formative assessment.

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Early Childhood
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