MAC: Assessment Systems That Support 21st Century Learners

Modern students have developed unique abilities to learn that must be accounted for in our assessments. This informative course describes the higher order, complex thinking skills that today’s students need to be successful, as well as the implications those skills have on assessment, teaching, and learning. You will learn about Assessment Literacy Standards as a core concept and also learn about the conditions necessary for balanced assessment systems as well as the leadership actions and stakeholder involvement needed to support them.

In this course, you will:

  • Identify 21st century learning skills and describe their impact on assessment, teaching and learning practices
  • Describe the conditions necessary for balanced assessment to take place,
  • Employ specific, concrete actions leadership and other stakeholders can take to support quality, balanced assessment systems, and
  • Use video demonstrations to gain examples of what 21st century learners are and how to teach them.

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