Journalism (Advanced)

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Advanced Journalism is designed for students who took the Journalism course through Michigan Virtual and would like to extend their knowledge of journalism concepts by exploring different mediums, like design and broadcasting, and delving deeper into concepts introduced before, such as investigative reporting and in-depth feature writing. Your first task is to explore what it takes to contribute successfully to a news outlet, whether it be print or broadcasting. Then you will learn about design concepts and design your own website, which will serve as a portfolio for your work. Then we will explore other avenues of journalism, such as opinion writing, broadcasting, investigative reporting, in-depth features, and alternative story forms. For each of these unit assignments, you will have the opportunity to edit and be edited by your classmates as if you were writing for a professional publication. We will also discuss as a class current events articles of your choosing so that we can stay in touch with the world and learn to critically think about the source and information provided, so you will become a more informed news consumer.

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