Intro to Online Course Facilitation: Practical Knowledge

Working remotely as an online course facilitator has its perks but it also takes intentionality and organization to help you and your students be successful. In this practical course, you will discover how to get physically, digitally, and mentally organized so that you are not only efficient, but can enjoy a comfortable balance between work life and home life. Learn how to prepare your own workspace and communicate to family, friends, and students how to mutually respect each other’s time and space. Discover strategies to keep your students engaged, and review best practices for assessments.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to best organize yourself to be an effective online facilitator,
  • Understand how to motivate learners to engage with you and their peers in an online environment,
  • Be mindful of best practices when it comes to communication with students and families, and
  • Identify assessment practices that are responsive, effective, positive and personal.

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High School
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