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This course is the second in a two-course sequence. This course is targeted to students that can infer meaning from clues or from prior knowledge, voluntarily ask questions, and use higher level thinking skills. The student is intentionally presented with language they will not understand, with the specific objective of making hypotheses and inferring meaning based on what they do know—such as reading body language, facial expressions, and recognizing familiar locations and objects. This kind of discourse resembles the real world in that there is a focus on meaning, a gap in meaning exists, and there is a goal to work towards. Students will interact with partners or with groups to accomplish projects that in verb real-world communication skills in the target language. Web Quests are task-based activities where the students have to perform a task by researching different pre-selected resources. Using authentic documents (text, audio, video, images) in the target language to expose students to the language is a cornerstone in this course.

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