Educator Evaluation in MI: Measurement of Student Growth

While there are specific legislative requirements that drive the teacher evaluation process, there are also many opportunities for teacher decision making and autonomy. This resource-heavy course will provide you with the tools needed to document evidence of student growth and make student growth a relevant and worthwhile aspect of your professional growth. Through these lessons, you will gain insight into the evaluation process and be able to advocate for a fair and transparent teacher evaluation system in your local setting. This course is part of the Educator Evaluation in Michigan series.

In this course, you will:

  • Discover the benefits of using student growth in teacher evaluation,
  • Interpret legislative mandates and their application to your current role,
  • Use resources developed by the Michigan Department of Education to conduct an assessment inventory, write student learning objectives, and set differentiated growth targets for each student, and
  • Analyze student performance and the implications it has for instruction.

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