EdReady Math (5th Grade)

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For a limited time, in response to the needs of students and educators during the COVID-19 school closures, Michigan Virtual and the NROC Project have partnered to offer EdReady for FREE. Click here for Free access to EdReady and other Michigan Virtual course content during school closures: https://lc.michiganvirtual.org. EdReady Math permits students to self-assess for mastery of grade-level knowledge and skills and readiness their next math course. EdReady uses diagnostic testing to establish personalized study paths to fill in learning gaps and to reinforce understanding. Each EdReady Math goal contains between 20-80 learning topics aimed at fully preparing students for readiness for the next grade level. Online instruction follows a consistent structure of… 1. Warm Up 2. Presentation 3. Worked Examples 4. Topic Text 5. Practice 6. Review 7. Test EdReady also utilizes a variety of topic-specific, media-rich resources, including an embedded glossary, NROC Developmental Math content, Khan Academy, and more. As students demonstrate mastery of each skill and learning topic in their study path, they see their goal score increase as evidence of progress toward their target score of 100. View a two-minute overview of EdReady Math from the NROC Project at https://vimeo.com/238632745.

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