College Counseling: The College Selection Process

Choosing which college to attend may be one of the first of many important decisions in a student’s life. This discussion-based course aims to hone your counseling techniques in the area of the college selection process and dispel the misperception that only a handful of “good” colleges exist for a few lucky individuals. You will have the opportunity to explore topics that include an introduction to theory, researching colleges, and advanced skills required to give greater awareness and understanding to students and families in the college selection process.

In this course, you will:

  • Explain the process of helping students through their research into colleges,
  • Discuss possible barriers to college selection and how they can be overcome,
  • Identify colleges that might be a good fit for individual students,
  • Practice advising students given specific scenarios, and
  • Generate ideas with other colleagues about how to improve your practices in college counseling.

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