College Counseling: Developing College Counseling Curriculum

Perhaps no other part of the education system is as misunderstood as the college selection process. This interactive course provides an introduction to the theory and skills needed to work with students and families to choose colleges that are the right fit for them. The main topics you’ll cover include looking at the current state of the college selection process in your school, the use of data in college advising, developing a college counseling curriculum, and maintaining collaborative relationships with administrators and the community to aid in the college selection process. This course is part of the College Counseling series.

In this course, you will:

  • Analyze your current college counseling curriculum and generate ways to improve it,
  • Design college counseling activities that are appropriate for grades 5-12,
  • Determine how to make your college counseling office efficient and accessible,
  • Explore a variety of colleges and what they have to offer your students, and
  • Create an artifact to share with other counselors that can be used to help students in the college selection process.
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