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This course is the first in a two-course sequence and is designed for students who have mastered some basic Chinese knowledge and skills such as pinyin, Chinese character input and 300 Chinese fundamental words either in pinyin or character. This course focuses on taking students from a tentative understanding of Chinese basics to a greater level of sophistication by having students participate in sentence-level conversations about topics such as writing letters/emails, asking directions, asking for help, seeing a doctor, ordering foods, bargaining, talking about hobbies and traffic, and describing cloth wears. Their language learning will be naturally embedded in rich cultural contexts through the multimedia e-textbook. Cultural topics will cover Sichuan opera, Chinese senior center, Natural Scenic Spot of Jiuzhai Valley, Taoism, and Chinese medicine. For this course, students are required to take an hour’s language lab per week and interact with their instructor through Blackboard and email for asynchronous learning on the other school days.

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