Chemistry A Essentials

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We’ll start off with a chemistry boot camp of sorts, and then move into the basics of matter, atomic theory, and the periodic table. We’ll even be able to draw the three-dimensional shapes of molecules. Here are the major topics we’ll cover in this course: Chemistry Bootcamp: To get started, we’ll exercise your brain into tip-top shape and teach you all the chemistry survival skills you need, including lab safety, lab techniques, and how to handle extremely small and large numbers. Matter and Atoms: What exactly is matter? We’ll find out, both at the macroscopic level and microscopic level, by studying phase changes and atomic theory.The Periodic Table: Think of the periodic table as the chemist’s cheat sheet. Once you familiarize yourself with it. Bonds and Molecular Geometry: Just like people, some atoms like to stick together and others don’t. We’ll figure out what makes atoms tick and stick, as well as what they look like when they’re bonded together. You’ll even get to bust out your mad art skills to draw 3D molecules.

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