Biology B Essentials

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This course is all about understanding the processes behind life as we know it. That means we’ll tackle all kinds of big ideas of life, and the living thereof. This semester starts with evolution. How did all of the variety in living things come about? Whether it’s a chameleon’s shooting tongue or a cat’s bilateral symmetry, those traits had to come from somewhere.To really dig into how species evolve, we have to look at the genetics of entire populations at a time.The survival of every species depends on both its environment and the community of other species that they share that space with. Ecology is the study of how all these different pieces interact, and we’re going to study it, too.Does the thought of thousands of microscopic creepy-crawlies living on and in your body make you queasy? Well, it’s more like trillions. We’ll learn about our tiny fellow passengers through life, bacteria and viruses.The semester will close out with a one-two punch of in-depth study of plants and animals. Yeah, we’ve been talking about them throughout the entire course, but now we’re gonna look really close at them. We’ll cover it all with interactive lessons, engaging readings, and active activities to keep you going with the vigor of flesh-eating bacteria.

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