Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher

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How do you reach students who are culturally and racially different from you? This course provides thought-provoking background and practical suggestions for teachers seeking the answer to this question. Participants explore their own assumptions about race, class, and culture; and learn strategies for creating classrooms that are culturally inviting to all. Classroom footage illustrates principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching, including affirming students’ cultural connections, stressing collectivity as well as individuality, and managing the classroom with firm, consistent, caring control.

Join presenter Gary Howard as he leads workshop participants in activities that explore historical and personal perspectives. What groups were empowered to take part in government when the Constitution was drafted? What voices have been added to the conversation since then, and how has a history of disenfranchisement affected the ways in which we view each other? Mr. Howard makes a compelling case for knowing who your students really are, advocating an approach that celebrates culture and history, rather than requiring students to give up parts of their identities in order to survive in school.

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