AP Statistics (Sem 2)

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Advanced Placement

This course offers a combination of assessment and instruction in an online environment containing but not limited to the areas of exploring data, sampling and experimentation by planning and conducting studies, anticipating patterns using probability and simulation, and using statistical inference to analyze data and draw conclusions. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a deep understanding of the concepts of statistics to prepare them for the AP Exam and for future higher education statistics courses. Because this course is presented in an online format, the pace and schedule vary from student to student, and no additional topics are presented past the exam time. The suggested pace is 18 weeks per semester (two semesters total), but students are allowed to accelerate their pace provided learning standards are met and proficiency in the content is demonstrated. All instruction is provided for the students, with feedback given for every exam, on which students are required to show work or give reasons to support statements to achieve statistical proficiency. The teacher is also available at least five days a week for one-on-one support and help for the students, in addition to holding online collaborative lessons and conducting Discussion-Based Assessments with students. Learning is assessed via traditional quizzes and tests, graded free-response essay questions, investigative projects, collaboration with peers, and oral one-on-one evaluations with the instructor.

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