Anger Management & Effective Discipline to Prevent Violence, Part I

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Anger Management & Effective Discipline to Prevent Violence, Part I



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We are retiring this course, and it will no longer be available for enrollment after September 30, 2020.

Outbursts of anger among students can be a major “disruption” in classrooms and have the capacity to escalate out of control and frighten, even harm fellow students and their teachers. Research overwhelmingly shows that a well-managed classroom with discipline and consistent guidelines is the ideal learning environment and this course is designed to help educators gain control over anger issues-their own as well as their students’ – to manage classrooms more effectively. 

Participants will be introduced to current brain research that will explain neurological and bio-chemical responses in anger-evoking situations. Practical coping strategies will help teachers deal with related emotions such as shame and help students prevent their anger emotions from interfering with learning.

This course can be taken alone or with Effective Classroom Discipline: Anger Management, Part II.

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