Algebra 2B Essentials

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Yeah, that’s right. Algebra’s back for round two—and this time, it means business. It’s beefed up its stock of algebraic weapons—from sequences and series to trig functions—so it’s going to take a whole lot more than the quadratic formula to get this guy to cry uncle. Good thing you’ve got Shmoop on your side. (And it doesn’t hurt that you’ve been pumping a bit of iron yourself.) Semester B is all about building, analyzing, and interpreting functions of all kinds. Once we’ve learned about exponential functions, logarithms, and trigonometry, we’ll delve deep into functions and their inverses (a.k.a. evil twins). Then we’ll get to know the end behavior of all kinds of functions and describe it using numbers, words, and interpretive dance. Finally, we’ll end the semester with statistics and probability.

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