Algebra 2A Essentials

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You had so much fun in Algebra that you had to come back for more? Yeah, we don’t blame you. Algebra II has all the expressions and equations you’ve seen before…and then some. You’re sure to see some old familiar friends along the way (we’re looking at you, polynomials), along with a few unfamiliar faces (we’re looking—or at least trying to look at you, imaginary numbers). Semester A starts off with us venturing into the land of the imaginary. (Feel free to extend an invite to your imaginary childhood friend, Maurice.) After getting our bearings, we’ll check out a familiar landmark, our old friends the polynomials. They’ve learned some tricks, though, including shoving themselves under radicals and stacking each other into rational expressions and equations. We’ll finish up the semester by working with more sequences and series than you can shake a finite stick at.

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