Aiding Students with Learning Disabilities

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Aiding Students with Learning Disabilities



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60 days (From date of registration)

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We are retiring this course, and it will no longer be available for enrollment after September 30, 2020.

This course, presented by leaders in the field of brain-based education, addresses the special teaching challenges of students with diverse learning needs including reading disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders, attention disorders and autism. The course emphasizes developing an understanding of the impact of neurobiological differences that present in learning disabled students in a regular classroom. 

Instructors will provide teachers with a systems approach with the key components of Multi-Memory system, Self-System, Metacognitive System and Cognitive system to develop declarative and procedural knowledge.

Using innovative, yet practical instructional strategies, teachers will be able to provide tools to students which they can integrate into their daily classroom work and homework, including advanced use of graphic organizers and methods for resolving common problems.

The course is based on an assumption that students can gain knowledge and the skills necessary to perform in today’s world through access to a learning menu of strategies and systems to promote learning in all areas of instruction.

The concept of “automaticity” or the ability to recognize and comprehend written words reflexively is explained and teachers will be exposed to a host of “best practices” tools for a truly inclusive, brain-based learning environment.


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