What Do Homeschoolers Like About Online Programs?

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With more than 1.7 million homeschoolers in the U.S., it comes as no surprise that both children and their parents are enjoying the benefits of homeschooling as compared to the traditional classroom. In this article, we walk through the top 8 reasons that homeschoolers enjoy online homeschool programs.
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As a parent, you’ve already made a significant investment in your child by choosing to educate him or her at home.

The reason for your decision is as unique as your children. Or, perhaps, your older learner presented the idea to you as an alternative or better way for them to earn their high school diploma.

Whatever the motive, many have found that online programs can help them complete their coursework, pursue academic interests and earn credits toward college.

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Top 8 reasons homeschool students like online programs

Getting any student, especially a teenager, to share what they like about education may seem a daunting task. There are, however, many resources, vlogs, and blogs — some from students themselves — on the benefits of online learning.

While learning in your PJs is a pretty decent perk, there are other attributes that contribute to an excellent, well-rounded education.

Here, the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance notes the top eight to help you decide if online courses will complement your homeschool program:

 #1 Flexible

While a typical public school day begins with the early morning bell and ends later in the afternoon, online learners can start and stop their classwork when they choose.

Yes, some parents set up a schedule for their homeschooler.

Others, especially those with older students, may provide them with the flexibility to do their studies when they want… as long as they are showing progress.

And, the ability to work outside a rigid schedule opens the door to extracurricular activities, field trips, and hands-on learning outside of the home.

 #2 Accessible

Whether in Marquette or Monroe, all homeschoolers can have the same access to high-quality online courses and electives. All that’s needed is a computer, wi-fi, and a commitment to virtual learning.

Plus, some of the most skilled educators are available to teach those who may reside in the most underserved populations.

This means that no matter where a child lives, they can get a high-quality education and embark on their future from a level playing field with their peers.

 #3 Relevant

Today, the world moves at lightning speed. Equipping homeschool students with the tools they’ll need for success is essential to a K-12 education.

An online program with a robust, modern curriculum is key to success after high school.

In addition to Michigan’s required courses, a student will benefit from courses that are relevant to their interests as well as a future career.

Explore programs that offer a variety of subjects that not only cover the basics but offer AP coursework and an array of electives as well.

Plus, homeschoolers who enroll in online classes gain the 21st-century technology skills used in college and the workplace.

#4 Personalized

One of the best parts of homeschooling is the ability for a child to learn at his or her own pace and in a manner that delivers positive outcomes.

Some students master specific subjects easier than others. Others excel at diligently reviewing lessons and notes before moving on.

Virtual school allows each style of learner to enjoy success and at their own pace.

They are not bound to move ahead when their classmates do.

#5 Interactive

The multimedia used in online programs engage and encourage the student to learn subject material in a variety of ways. They do so in a safe setting and meet people outside their own community.

The best online courses also provide ongoing access to educators, tech support, and a convenient help desk.

Teacher-led courses provide an interactive environment that stimulates learning and offers homeschoolers assistance as they need it to complete coursework.

#6 Collaborative

Parents, students, and educators come together for the good of the student. After all, it’s successful learners who support online programs, recommending them to their peers and others.

The very nature of virtual learning expands beyond geographic boundaries and socioeconomic characteristics.

This broadens a student’s mind and removes barriers to education.

#7 Self-paced

Similar to the flexibility noted earlier, a child can learn at his or her own pace without feeling the constraints of a typical classroom setting.

Thus, online homeschooling removes peer stigmas and permits a faster learner to move ahead at a rate that meets their learning style.

With this, however, comes the discipline of completing the coursework or seeking help from the online educator.

Setting individual goals and recording progress are useful in a student’s individual journey.

#8 Challenging

While online courses require certain learning skills, they also offer many opportunities to become a subject expert, explore topics of interest, and take advanced coursework.

These challenges, once achieved, position students for lifelong learning and information literacy.

The thirst for knowledge carries them throughout life.

In addition, homeschoolers develop study habits, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities that will serve them well in college, the workplace and beyond.

Explore the many reasons an online program can benefit a homeschool student. 

Learn more about online courses for your homeschooler with Michigan Virtual.



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