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Sea of hands showing unity and teamwork
Student-Centered Learning
Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute

An Inside Look: Student-Centered Learning at Alpena Public Schools

In a previous blog post, we defined student-centered learning in a theoretical sense. In this blog post, we get a glimpse into what a student-centered classroom looks and feels like in practice. Alpena Public Schools high school English teacher Kris Copping shares how she works in partnership with her students to create a student-centered learning environment.

Jeff Gerlach sitting at his desk with a laptop and microphone
Jeff Gerlach

Design Learning for Visually Impaired Students with NVDA

Jeff reviews Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA), an open source screen reader for Windows. Screen readers help those with vision impairments to access digital content. Teachers can use screen readers to check that web content for lessons is accessible to students with visual impairments.

Spacious Classroom
Blended Learning
Jeff Gerlach

Physical Spaces

Designing the physical classroom to accommodate modern learning

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