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Doug Baltz

Instructor - Physics

Doug Baltz has been teaching AP Physics for 25 years, in addition to serving as a STEM R&D Coordinator, a member of the executive board of the MI STEM Ecosystem Alliance and a National STEM Education Leader. Yes, a long tour of duty, but he is excited to be a part of Michigan Virtual. Recently, Doug has been working on STEM initiatives across the country with the National Science Foundation as an Albert Einstein Fellow. This experience has been very rewarding, and he enjoys his visits to Washington, DC. He is also an adjunct instructor at Oakland University, College of Education, where he instructs pre-service science teachers. Doug is passionate about STEM Educational best practices, research education models and building talent pipelines/partnerships with numerous stakeholders in SE Michigan. Developing a student’s sincere curiosity and productive problem-solving skills are just a few opportunities he cherishes as an educator. When his schedule allows, you will find him on the nearest golf course trying to conquer a low score.

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