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Whole School: Enroll Users


Whole School site administrators and teachers have the ability to enroll users from a course. Instructions below will provide details to perform this action within the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS).

To remove users from a course, see Unenroll Users.


Step 1. Create CSV File for Import

  1. First, create a CSV file, using the Import Template, with the following rows of user information. Each user will have their own row.
    1. COLUMN A: Enter your school prefix (obtain this from your Michigan Virtual contact), followed by a dash, then the student ID. Example: NHS-98983 (ensure you do not have any spaces)
    2. COLUMN B: First name
    3. COLUMN C: Last name
    4. COLUMN D: Enter the word Student if this is a student user or the word Teacher if this is a teacher.
      An excel file is shown with the columns mentioned above.
  2. Next, save information as a CSV file.
  3. Proceed to Step 2. Import New Users (below).

Step 2. Import Users

  1. Begin by navigating to your Brightspace course and then selecting Course Admin from the top navbar.
  2. Next, tap Classlist within the Learner management section.
  3. Then tap the Import users from a file on your computer from the Add Participants drop-down button.
    The Classlist page is shown with the Add Participants menu expanded. An arrow points to that butt as well as to the Import Users from a File on your Computer button.
  4. Next, tap the Choose File button, browse to the saved file location and then select Open.
  5. At this point, tap the Import button to proceed.
    The Import Users From File page is shown. An arrow points to the Choose File button and the Import button.
  6. Review the list of users that have been enrolled successfully and then tap the Done button to exit.
    NOTE: There will be an error message displayed, please disregard this error as it is simply an indicator that a user was not created from the header row.
    The Confirmation of Enrollment page shows the Errors encountered message above a table containing error description. An arrow points to this and the table containing users enrolled successfully. Another arrow points to the Done button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Finally, check your course roster to ensure all users have been enrolled successfully.

Step 3. Check the Course Roster

  1. First, tap Course Admin from the top navbar.
  2. Next, tap Classlist within the Learner management section.
  3. Then review the Classlist table containing a list of users with access to your course.
    The Class list page is shown with a table containing 3 enrolled students within the course. An arrow points to the Total users indicator at the bottom of the page.

Last updated on August 26, 2020

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