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What activities/assignments should I complete this week?


Students taking a course within Brightspace will have a widget added to their dashboard titled “Course Pacing Guides – Student.” Brightspace courses are currently provided in some Civics, American Sign Language (ASL) 1A, and American Literature B courses. Follow the steps below to view a pacing guide of which activities should be completed each week to stay on track in your course if this widget appears for you.


  1. First, login to the Student Learning Portal.
  2. Next, locate the “Course Pacing Guides – Student” widget on your dashboard (bottom right corner).
  3. Then tap the linked course name in the widget table.
    The Student Learning Portal Dashboard is shown will all but one widget blurred out. An arrow points to the Course Pacing Guides - Student widget which is not blurred.
  4. As a result, a new window will open and by default, display the current weeks assignments.
    The pacing guide is shown displaying the linked weeks at the top, currently week 2 is selected, and below is the select weeks table which includes the unit, assignment title and Week Of date columns.
    • Freely navigate between any weeks as needed by tapping the linked week number at the top of the guide.
    • To print a copy of this pacing guide, right-click anywhere on the page and then choose Print. Please be aware that by choosing this option, it will print all weeks, not just the week selected.

Last updated on July 15, 2020

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