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Weekly Goals


Weekly goals are items structured as quizzes and have embedded directions. The Weekly Goals are no longer a required item, but they are a great tool for structuring a student’s pacing and are encouraged by the Essentials instructors.  


  1. First, access items by clicking Weekly Goals in the left menu.
  2. Then tap the appropriate linked week to view the activity.
    The Weekly Goals page has been opened and shows links to the various week’s activities. An arrow points from Weekly Goals in the left menu to the first linked activity.
  3. Next, tap the Begin button within the Goals Activity page.
    The instructions for the activity for Weeks 1 and 2 appear with a cancel and begin button displayed on the right side of the page. An arrow points to the begin button.
  4. As the student continues, he or she will tap the Save Answer button located to the right of each question.
  5. Finally, once all answers have been selected, the student will press the Save and Submit button to release the activity for grading.
    The week 1 and 2 goals test page appears showing test information and question status. Arrows point to the Save Answer and save and submit buttons mentioned above.

Last updated on August 17, 2020

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