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Blackboard: Tests and Quizzes


Tests and quizzes titles are linked throughout the Blackboard courses. This process describes the how to submit these assessments.


  1. First, review the Instructions for detailed test information. Student’s will need to know if the test or quiz is timed, force them to complete on first attempt or allow multiple attempts to complete.
  2. Once the instructions have been reviewed, then select the Begin button to start the assessment.
    Screen capture of test/quiz page with an arrow pointing to the Begin button.
  3. Then answer the questions presented.
  4. Next, click Question Completion Status to review unsaved questions.
    Note: You may navigate by clicking the linked number to go to that question.
    Screen capture of the Take Test page with an arrow pointing to the Question Completion Status bar.
    Note: If you receive an error message please contact your instructor.
  5. Finally, click the Save and Submit button to allow grading.

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