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SLP: When will my course start and end?


Knowing start and end dates is important for students beginning and finishing a course. Courses that are taken within the same term can vary in start and end dates. It is essential to note that the course and any incomplete work cannot be accessed after the class end date and course extensions are only considered when specific conditions are met. This process describes how to find course dates within the Student Learning Portal.


  1. First, tap the Gradebook option from the left navigation menu.
  2. As a result, the Gradebook page will display a table at the top of the page. The table shows multiple columns which provide details for each actively enrolled course.
  3. Finally, locate the Start and End columns for each course row.
    The Gradebook page is shown and divided into two sections. The first section includes a table containing the course or courses that the student is enrolled. The second section shows the grade details of the selected course. The grade details includes the Assignment name, Possible Points, Grade Received and Completion Date.

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