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SLP: Watchlist

The first iteration of the Watchlist widget has been released to Mentors and Affiliation users. Please note that features and functionality of the page are subject to change as we focus on improvements that will benefit our customers.


The Watchlist widget on mentor and affiliation user dashboards display up to 15 students who:

  • have a low grade,
  • are behind in pacing,
  • had over 7 days of inactivity and/or
  • have a lack of contact

The student who has been on the Watchlist the longest will be shown at the top of the widget. This process describes how to access this widget within the Student Learning Portal.


  1. First, tap MySLP from the top menu bar. By default, a Dashboard page containing notifications and widgets will be shown.
  2. Next, scroll down the page to locate the BETA – Watchlist (Top 15).
    Note: In the event the widget is not displayed on the Dashboard, feel free to Customize it.

    • The first column titled Student, contains a linked student name. Selecting this link will display the student’s profile information.
    • The next column, Course, displays the course name for the student who will need additional support.
    • The Grade column shows the overall grade in the course. If the student stopped the course today, this is the grade he or she would receive. Paying closer attention to pacing, inactivity and last contact would be more beneficial for intervention. 
    • The Pacing column shows the number of assignments behind or ahead. If the student is on track, green text “On Pace” will be displayed.
    • The Inactivity column will display the number of days the student has been inactive (red) or active (green).
    • Finally, the Last contact column displays the last documented number of days communication took place with the student.
      The watchlist widget as described above is shown with 4 example student data.

Last updated on April 14, 2020

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