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SLP: Update Account Information


Students will use the Student Learning Portal to access their Michigan Virtual course(s) and may need to update their name, email address or phone number. This process describes how a student will update their account information.


  1. First, tap Student Information from the left navigation menu.
  2. Then review your personal profile details.
    • The Basic Information section will display: First Name, Last Name, Email, Status, Preferred Name, Middle Name, Gender, Date of Birth, SSN, and Affiliations (schools).
    • The Address section will show Street, City, State, Country, ZIP, Phone, Race, and Hispanic fields.
    • Guardians will be separated into two columns, the first for Guardian 1 and the other for Guardian 2 data. The columns contain the same fields: Relationship, Last Name, First Name, Email and Contact Phone.
    • Additional Information will include: SPED, LEP, Gifted, Economic Disadv., IEP, Section 504, Case Load Provider, Name, Email and Phone fields.
      The Student Info page shows for sections, Basic Information, Address, Guardians, and Additional Information. Each section contains grayed-out fields that display student specific data per the information above. An arrow points to the Student Information option in the left navigation menu.
  3. If you need to update your name, email or phone, you will need to follow the below steps:
    1. To begin, tap Edit Account from the left navigation menu.
    2. Next, update the Last Name, First Name, and/or Phone fields by replacing the existing text.
      Note: If you change your email address you will need to contact the Customer Care Center as this will impact your ability to access your course.
    3. Then type the password in the Current Password field. This is required to update the information.
    4. Finally tap the first Save button to apply the changes.

Additional Information:

If a student needs to update any other information, the he or she must contact a school administrator or the Customer Care Center.

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