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SLP: Suggested Pacing


Students may want to know how many assignments are due each week in their course to stay on track. The Student Learning Portal provides a suggested pacing guide unique to each course to obtain this information. This process describes how student’s will access the pacing guide for their course.


  1. First, tap Suggested Pacing from the left navigation menu.
  2. As a result, each enrolled course appears in its own tab. Selecting the tab will adjust the view for that course. The course name will appear next to the slider bar indicating the status on pacing within the course.
  3. Finally, view the information in the table containing weekly assignment counts for the course.
    • The “Week” column will display the start and end date for the week.
    • The “Original Assignments” displays the number of assignments for the week.
    • The “Extra Assignments” display the number of additional assignments your teacher assigned for the week.
    • The “Total Assignments” column displays the number of original and extra assignments for the week for that course.

The Suggested Pacing page shows tabs representing the three active courses for the student. Below the selected tab is the assignments table containing the columns described above. An arrow points to the Suggested Pacing option in the left navigation menu.

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