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SLP: Student Navigation


Schools or guardians can create a student account in the Student Learning Portal. Once the account is created, the student will receive an email containing instructions for logging in. The process below describes how the student will navigate the system when they login for the first time.


  1. First, login to the Student Learning Portal to view the Dashboard.
    1. Begin by viewing the information displayed in the Academic Snapshot widget. Then tap the linked text in the “Course” column to open your course.
    2. Next look at the Completed Courses widget to see courses finished by the student. At this point, select the linked text in the “Certificate” column to open the certificate of completion.
    3. Continue by reviewing the important dates and reminders that are displayed in the Upcoming Events widget.
  2. Proceed by using the left navigation menu to access the information related to your course.
    1. Start by tapping the Messages option from the left navigation menu. At this time, you have the ability to deliver messages.
    2. Then select Mentor Information to view your mentor contact information.
    3. Afterward tap the Academic Snapshot to view status and academic progress for your courses.
    4. Then select Suggested Pacing to review the number of assignments you are expected to complete within each week.
    5. Next, tap Gradebook to access information about your grades and assignments.
    6. Continue by selecting the Student Information option to review your account information.
    7. Finally, tap Edit Account to change your account settings.

The Student Learning Portal dashboard is shown in the Student view. All menu options and widgets appear as indicated above.

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