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SLP: Select Course to Enroll Student


A guardian has the ability to enroll their student in a Michigan Virtual course. This process describes how to use the Student Learning Portal to select the course(s) to enroll the student.


  1. First, tap the Course Registration option on the left navigation menu.
  2. Next, search the Course Catalog to locate the course of interest and apply filters as outlined below:
    1. First, insert the course name into the Search by Course Title text box to find a specific course.
    2. Next, use one or all of the drop-down fields available to narrow your search results in the table below. It is recommended to choose a Subject and Semester at minimum.
      • Term drop-down options can eliminate all courses that are not offered in a specific term.
      • The Catalog drop-down allows guardians to choose what type of course to search. For example, AP Courses, Essential Courses, Test Out Courses, etc.
      • Use the Subject drop-down field to filter results by subjects such as Mathematics, Social Studies, or English Language Arts.
      • If there is a preference, tap the Instructor Provider drop-down to choose Michigan Virtual, Confucius Institute or None.
      • The School Level drop-down field can be used to filter results by High School, Middle School or Elementary courses.
      • Use the NCAA Approved drop-down menu to locate courses that are approved by the NCAA.
      • If desired, the Content Provider drop-down menu allows guardians to select a specific course vendor.
    3. Then tap the Apply Filter button to generate a list of courses matching your filters above.
      The Welcome to the Course Catalog section of the Course Registration page is enlarged to show the search fields described above. Arrows point to the Subject and Semester fields as these two fields should be used at minimum when searching. Another arrow points to the Apply Filter button just below the fields.
    4. Next, in the results table tap the linked text within the “Course” column to review the full course description including syllabus. When finished, select the X in the upper right corner of the dialog box to close.
    5. If you would like to enroll the student in a course, tap the select check box in the most left column of course row and then tap the Register button at the bottom of the page.
      The results table of the Course Registration page is enlarged to show the courses matching the criteria specified in the filters above. Arrows point to the checkbox in the Select column of the table, the drop-down field in the Start Date column and finally to the Register button at the bottom of the page.
  3. The Course Confirmation page is then displayed, prompting for payment information. Proceed to Make a Payment.

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