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SLP: Role Capabilities


Accounts created within the Student Learning Portal are assigned a role that provides the ability to perform specific actions within the system. Two of these roles can be combined to create a more advanced and unrestricted permission level. The information below outlines the differences between the Affiliation User and Mentor roles as well as how to request this dual role option for you or another user.


Affiliation User and Mentor Role Variances

CapabilitySuper Affiliation UserMentor
Associate a Mentor to a StudentX
Create a Mentor AccountX
Create a Super Affiliation User AccountX
Create Student AccountX
Drop EnrollmentX
Enroll Multiple Students in a Single CourseX
Enroll Student in CourseX
Export List of Student AccountsX
Find Student Account InformationXX
Keep Record of Student InteractionsX
Locate Instructor PICX
Locate Student Guardian InformationXX
Message a StudentXX
Monitor Student ProgressXX
Record Student/Mentor InteractionsX
Reset Student Account PasswordX
Review Activity LogsXX
Review Student's Course InformationXX
Search Course CatalogX
Send Message to Multiple Students at OnceXX
Send Messages to User AccountsX
View Enrollment LedgerX
View Student EnrollmentsXX
View Student Login HistoryXX
View Student's Start and End DatesX

Request Dual Role Option

  1. First, contact the Customer Care Center and request that a user role has dual roles within the Student Learning Portal.
  2. At this point, the Customer Care Center will gather necessary details about your account and escalate the request to modify role permissions.
  3. When our technicians have changed the role they will notify the requester by email or phone.
  4. Finally, login to the Student Learning Portal to Toggle Between Roles.

Last updated on April 14, 2020

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