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SLP: Gradebook


Students and guardians may want to view information about grades and assignments as they relate to a course. This process describes how to locate this information utilizing the Student Learning Portal. The Gradebook provides a view of the assignments for each course and your current score if the assignment has been completed. Please log into the appropriate Learning Management System (LMS) to view your instructor’s feedback. The ‘completed’ date included is the date the student actually submitted the assignment within the course.


  1. First, tap Gradebook from the left navigation menu.
  2. As a result, a table containing a list of active course information will be displayed.
  3. Next, if you have multiple courses, tap to select the radio button in the first column of the course row. At this point, the information below the table will change to display the related course information.
  4. Finally, review the information and the assignment grades.

Additional Information:

The Gradebook was recently updated to include calculated scores that match those in the Learning Management Systems (LMS). Students will see OVERALL SCORE (%), POINTS EARNED, SCORE EXCLUDING UNCOMPLETED WORK (%), PROGRESS CHECK grades. These calculated scores have been indicated with arrows below. To better understand how each grade is calculated, refer to the list below:

The Student Learning Portal Gradebook is shown as described above. Arrows point to the calculated scores in the appropriate rows of the table.

Last updated on July 15, 2020

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