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SLP: My Progress


Students can utilize the Student Learning Portal to view progress within their course. This process describes how to access the Academic Snapshot.


  1. First, select Academic Snapshot from the left navigation menu.
  2. At this point, progress details will be shown to outline your progress in the course.
    Note: If you are enrolled in more than one course, you will see multiple modules.
  3. Finally, review the status and academic progress of the enrolled course(s).
    • Each module will display the course name located at the top and in bold text.
    • The dates to the right of Enrollment show the dates the course will start and end.
    • Just below, the percentage listed to the right of Grade shows the current grade.
    • To the right of Assignments show the number of assignments you have completed of the total assignments in the course.
    • Under Assignments is Pacing which shows the number of assignments you are ahead or behind.
    • Below Pacing is Last Activity which shows the date you last showed activity in the course.
    • Just under Last Activity is a visual representation of your Grade, Pacing, Number of 0’s and Activity shown in a red, yellow or green bar. Red indicates a need for improvement, yellow implies that you may be at risk for falling behind and green means that you are on track for that area.
      The Academic Snapshot page is shown with three widgets. Each widget is configured as described above. An arrow points to the Academic Snapshot option in the left navigation menu.

Last updated on April 14, 2020

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