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SLP: Mentors Locate Personal Identification Code (PIC)


All school personnel have a Personal Identification Number (PIC) number from the Michigan Department of Education. This process describes how a mentor can utilize the Student Learning Portal to locate a teacher’s PIC.


  1. First, tap the Enrollments tab in the top menu bar.
  2. Then use the search the list of enrollments by selecting the appropriate options from the drop-down fields in the “Search criteria” section.
  3. Next, tap the Get Data button to display a list of enrollments matching your search results in a table below. The table contains nine columns and six of those can be adjusted to alter the information displayed.
  4. At this point, click the “Customize columns” link located above the results table on the right side of the page.
    Using the directions above, the enrollments page shows the search criteria drop-down fields to be used for limiting the number of results displayed in the tabled results after selecting the Get Data button. Arrows point to the Get Data button and to the Customize Columns link on the top left of the table.
  5. Next, select “PIC” from one of the column drop-down fields and then tap the Save button to apply the column changes.
    The Customize Columns pop-up dialog box shows nine field drop-down menus labeled column 1 through column 9. Column 1, 2 and 9 fields are grayed out and cannot be modified. Arrows point to the Column 4 drop-down field containing “PIC” and to the Save button at the bottom of the pop-up.
  6. Finally, the results table will update to reflect the columns selected, which will include the PIC information.
    The results table on the Enrollments page changed to include the columns selected. The headers in the table are Select, Student, Section, Comment, Teachers, PIC, Start Date, End Date, Current Week, and Grade. There are 10 rows of student data displayed. An arrow points to the PIC column.

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