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SLP: Locate Personal Identification Code (PIC)


All school personnel have a Personal Identification Number (PIC) number from the Michigan Department of Education. This process describes how a school user can utilize the Student Learning Portal to locate a teacher’s PIC.


  1. First, tap the Reports tab (top menu).
  2. Next, select Run Reports from the left navigation menu.
  3. Then use the Select a report drop-down field to select:
    1. 19-20 Active Enrollments w/Teacher PIC report for current students, or
    2. 19-20 School Year Enrollments w/Teacher PIC report for past students
  4. At this point, tap Run Report to display results in a grid below.
  5. Finally, locate the PIC number in the Instructors_PIC column.
    Run Reports page showing the 19-20 active enrollments with teach pic report.

Additional Information:

If you need to download a copy of this list, simply tap the Export Results to Excel option at the top right corner of the page.

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