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SLP: Locate Mentor Contact Information


A mentor could be a local teacher, counselor, librarian or even a parent, depending on who enrolled the student. Mentors work alongside students to track progress and provide support where needed. Mentors are vital to the success of each student, helping them to see a path to the future by breaking down barriers that stand between them and their goals. This document describes how to locate the mentor assigned to your student in the Student Learning Portal.

Important Notes:

  • Schools who enroll students in courses assign a mentor to serve as the local eyes and ears of the online instructor. The mentor will help facilitate communication between the instructor, student and guardians.
  • Guardians who enroll students will act as a mentor for his or her student. Guardians may reference the Mentor Fundamentals: A Guide for Mentoring Online Learners for additional information.


  1. First, select Mentor Information from the left navigation menu.
  2. At this point, the Mentor Information page will be displayed.
  3. Finally, each mentor will have their own contact card. To show another mentor contact card, use the green navigation buttons in the upper right corner of the card.
    Note: Mentor contact information will not be displayed for enrollments purchased by a guardian.
    The Mentor Information page shows a tab located above the mentors contact card. The card displays the mentors name, email, phone, bio, and available hours. Located to the right of the card shows an area in which the mentor profile picture is shown. Below the image is a link titled “email mentor”. An arrow points to the left navigation menu option, “Mentor Information.”

Last updated on April 14, 2020

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