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SLP: Enroll Student in Course


A school or district will use the Student Learning Portal to enroll students in online courses. This process describes how to create the enrollment.

Note: This process does not apply to guardians who wish to enroll students.


  1. First, select the Students tab in the top menu bar to display active students.
    Note: If the student is not in the results list, follow the Add Student Account process before continuing.
  2. Then tap the linked name in the “Students” column to view the student account information.
    The Active Student page is displaying a table containing a list of active students within their affiliation. An arrow points to the linked name in the Student column.
  3. Next, scroll down the page to tap the Enroll in Section option in the left navigation menu.
  4. As a result, the Enrollment Information page will be displayed prompting for payment.
    1. Start by selecting the Term, Course and Section.
    2. Next, if applicable, choose the desired course Start Date from the available dates in the drop-down.
    3. Afterward, view the Amount to pay area and then note that it reflects the list price only. If a discount is to be applied, it will not be represented in the list price.
    4. Next, tap the Payment Type drop-down field and select the appropriate payment method for this transaction.
      • Purchase orders require the PO number to be entered once “Po” is selected.
      • If you choose to drop the student a refund will be issued to those who drop within 25 days from the course start date. Refer to the Michigan Virtual Drop Policy.
      • Credit Card purchases require the enroller to enter specific credit card and billing information.
    5. Then ensure the Accept Enrollment Terms box is checked.
    6. Finally, select the Enroll button to enroll the student.
      The Enrollment Information form is displayed with the fields mentioned above. Arrows are pointing to the Enroll in Section option in the left menu, to the accept terms checkbox and finally to the Enroll button.

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