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SLP: Change Student Status in Bulk


When a student graduates or leaves a school, his or her status may be updated to “Alumni” status within in the Student Learning Portal. Student should not be removed or deleted from the Student Learning portal as their course information may need to be retrieved in the future. This process describes how an affiliation user will change student status for multiple students at once.


  1. First, within the Student Learning Portal tap Students from the top menu bar.
  2. Next, select Bulk Status from the left navigation menu.
  3. Then use the filters to narrow search results and tap the Get Data button to reveal students.
    For example: Use the Grade Level drop-down menu to select students in the 12th grade.
    Bulk status page is shown with top and left menus and search criteria section. Arrows point to the Students tap in top menu and to the Bulk Status option in the left. Another arrow points to the Get Data button within the Search Criteria section below the filters.
  4. At this point, select the students who will require a status change by placing a check mark in the box located to the left (Select column).
  5. Once all students have been selected, tap the Bulk Status button at the bottom of the page.
  6. As a result, a pop-up box will appear, use the Status drop-down to choose “ALUMNI” for students who graduated.
    Note: At this time, “BLOCKED” status is only used for students who should to be prevented from registering for any course within the SLP.
  7. Next, to apply changes, tap the Save button.
    The Bulk Status change page is shown expanding the search results section only. Arrows point to the Check All box on the left side of the page as well as the Bulk Status button at the bottom. The pop-up window referenced above is also shown with arrows pointing to the drop-down menu and to the Save button.

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