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SLP: Certificate of Completion


At the end of the term, Michigan Virtual’s Student Learning Portal will generate a certificate of completion. The certificate contains a score (percentage), the instructor(s) and course name. Michigan Virtual will not distribute the certificate of completion or a formal transcript to the student’s local school.

Guardians or students may provide the certificate to the local school. It is the responsibility of the local school to assign the letter grade they deem appropriate on the student’s transcript. Please note mentors do not have the ability to print certificates, students must access their Student Learning Portal dashboard to print the certificate.

This process describes how to save or print the certificate of completion in the event a school requests a copy.


  1. First, log in to the Student Learning Portal to view the Completed Courses module within the Dashboard.
  2. Next, locate the course of interest within the grid and then tap the View Certificate link in the “Certificate” column.
    The Dahsboard is showing the top 3 modules, Academic Snapshot, Completed Courses, and Upcoming Events. Completed Courses is the middle widget and it contains a table listing one completed course. The table contains 4 headers, Course (Name), Final Grade, Completion Date, and Certificate. An arrow points to the linked text, “View Certificate” in the Certificate column.
  3. At this time, the PDF file containing the certificate will open.
  4. Finally, hover over the top right of the page to select the download and print icons.
    • If downloading or saving a copy of the certificate, choose the folder in which the file should be saved and then click the Save button.
    • If printing, change any print settings if desired and then select the Print button.

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